The Cost Of Drugs In The US

"First and foremost, we must eliminate the middleman in health care. The HMO Act of 1973, coupled with tax rules that do not allow individuals to use pre-tax dollars to pay for health care, combine to force millions of Americans to deal with HMO and Medicare bureaucrats. Whenever a third-party stands between a doctor and his patient, health care becomes inefficient and expensive. Individuals should be able to decide with their doctors what drugs are appropriate, and then reduce their taxable income dollar-for-dollar for all drug expenditures. By forcing employers to offer HMOs and prohibiting individuals from paying for drugs with pre-tax dollars, government enables drug companies to set high prices for deep-pocket middlemen.

The Food and Drug Administration is also directly responsible for high drug costs. Pharmaceutical companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars to bring a single drug to market because of FDA rules. Often FDA approval is never obtained, no matter how much a company spends developing a drug. So pharmaceutical makers naturally try to recoup their huge investments by charging high prices and lobbying to keep exclusive drug patent periods as lengthy as possible. We need to understand that the FDA does far more harm than good, both in terms of drug prices and the incalculable chilling effect it has on needed drug research. With less FDA interference, patents could be shortened and drug development costs reduced. This would allow greater price competition between drug companies."

"Here goes the death panel discussions again. If this were a free market, people with the means to pay for it with the help of a premium insurance package might be able to manage this. To that person, this is a ridiculous conversation because it should not be up to public opinion/policy. Now because of ObamaCare, this is now an acceptable conversation. Who are any of you to say that the person who wants this treatment didn't save their whole life for just such an event and wanted to live.
Not only is that horrible but these death panels are going to lead to a lack of new product development. Anyone who has ever developed a product can tell you that the first prototype costs much more than production. A prototype car costs tens of millions of dollars to make because of all of the testing for validation and verification. A production model does not cost this because it is production not prototype. This drug is a prototype and the money earned from selling the prototypes goes to fund further development. No $93,000 purchase, much less funding for further research and development of the prototype. This just slows down product development."