Darwin Marx and Freud (Believe In Your Self)

Dawin - turned man in to animal
Marx - turned him into an evil beast
Freud- decide that man was a sexually oriented bundle of neuroses programed by Oedipal conflicts in early childhood that could be cured by psychotherapy .In the new Age ,there simply is no unfaithfulness , no guilty. Buscaglia Leo of USCLA says " No one is guilty . We are all innocent. Presumably this means mass murderess such as Hitler , Stalin, and Mao. Everything has to be positive in the New Age . As Brugh Joy says" there Are ... no right ot wrongs... only the infinite interactions of force. Buscaglie adds" We became the powerful force ourselves. There are no absolutes in the New Age , because we are each Gods , one with the Universe and one with each other , so there is no one to pass judgment upon us" Buscaglie knows how to make us feel good about ourselves. He also declares that mans main function is to help unfold his true self.Man is a creator of his own destiny,,, by listening to self.
This same thinking leads to such absurdities as his statement "If you feel like smearing ink on a wall, you do it .. and if it came from me , I created it and it is good".
Hitler , Stalin , Mao , Jim Jones , Charles Manson, all could say the something,I feel like murder , destruction , it came from me its my creation , I did it and its good.
Nature is ruthless and evolution is utterly without sympathy for weakness. If evolution is true , than Hitler Stalin , and Mao were right and the rest of us are wrong . Denying our Darwinian faith , we build hospitals , promote charities , and spend billions in research to assist the survival of the diseased ,handicapped and the elders , thus working against the vary evolutionary proses that we jealously guard as the one and only scientific theory of the origin of life that can be thought in our public schools.
As I look at man these days , it is unbelievable how we have rejected our Creator.