Economic Crisis increasing Spiritual Awareness ?

Everyday, as i watch TV , talk to people , it seems that the only thing on peoples minds are their fears , of economy and money. I think each one of us is looking to be safe and secure in their way of living , and when you do lose it all you find a new fear , a fear of survival . 
Even the wealthiest of us have fears , which sometimes bring out the ugliest in these people . Sometimes leading to  greed .
Everyone I know will tell you that they would like to  be rich, but do they see past this or is it just a dream ,, a dream with unattainable gaols --- unrealistic .
What we see on Tv is not real, but we are so used to listening and subconsciously believing the lies that we tune in over and over again. Most of our knowledge comes from a forced propaganda , which is not real  and shouldn't be looked as a and example to fallow . 
Take for example today's so called entertainment you find on television. For our youth , they impose the idea of money wealth with little or no work , expecting someone ells to do the job for them , MTV , VH1 are one of these .
For the Older generation ,they have planed a elaborate schism , with involves politics and consumerism . 
Increasing Spiritually 
I hear this all the time ,' crisis like this bring us closer to out Maker' . Is that realy true? No . It leads to extremism and turning away from the faith . This can be proven throuout the worlds history -- when people can't explain something they place it on the maker and hope somehow it will all workout . While the evil the the greedy prosper .
We are not educating ourselves in financing and money , and with out education in this part of your live we can never achieve freedom and inner peace.