Humboldt's Squid invading American West coast

Humboldt Squid invading American West coast.

    A remarkable phenomena  is happening in the pacific ocean .
Humboldt  Squid is roaming freely and starting to reproduce .As before they would only reproduce of the cost of Mexico , now they are starting to produce here .
The reason for this is our Oceans are changing do to global worming  and the wide spread of fishing of tuna and sharks the only know predators of squid that would usually keep the numbers down .
 Squid are the most amazing creatures ,  they can reach up to six feet and weigh as much as 100 pounds -- communicate with flashing lights , they can live in the deepest part of the sea ,.one squid can carry millions of eggs . that has  a potential for a wide spread  squid population breading in our back yard. 
Scientist are studying the squid to help control the population .
  Humboldt squid live in at the depths of 660 to 2,300 feet in the eastern Pacific, ranging from Maxican west coast now  to California. They take their name from the Humboldt Current in which they live off the coast of South America. Recently, the squid have been appearing further north, raising alarm about ecological problems . Some scientast worn  that warmingoceans are at fault, while others  say it is do to overfishing .