Obama wants banks to lend more to small businesses

Obama Wants banks to give out more money to small buisnesses.

Is Obama Trying?
Obama wants banks to give out more loans to people with small buisnesses, to many buisness owners are not able to get enough credit to give out jobs for people. United States doesnt want the same problem that their was last year. banks need to open their doors, and make new operations and create new jobs for people. Its time for banks to do their job and be responsible to help people needy people. Who could also do better for our country it self, providing more jobs, and more economy. Obama said that he will take every step to encourage them to those responsibilites, noone knows what steps he is going to do, but we all sure hope it works. We need changes in this country, to many people are being laid off, which leads to worse things like homeless. Small buisnesses have created almost two thirds of the countrys new jobs for over the past decades.
This years economic stimulus package made about $5 billion in tax, which is used to help small buisnesses and cut cost on buisness loans, Last week Obama asked congress to increase the size of loans and planned to provide low interest loans to small banks if they agree to lend more money to small buisnesses.
This is something our country needs, If this plan Obama is trying to make works out, than that will be one step closer to making our country better for all the people living here, It would provide more jobs for people, and give United States a better look.