Peace of Mind - Written By A simple Mind!

Admit it , you know sometimes it hurts . You know you build your self up only to once again get brought down with the roger of the wind that turns you in to the sand and the dust sweeping through the earth .
The relationships  that you've been in, the emotional destruction one goes through  in a goal to be excepte is horrific . In life we seem to look for ways to fill the void , the vacuum for relationship piercing ourselves with the double edged sword. Fundamentals of a relationship seem to be so simple , yet to put a finger on it is a mystery .
Religion faith spirituality , can be all combined in one , our simplistic ways of thinking turning in life for a generalized view of acceptance by a power that can manipulate our luck in the way we wont admit we want . Some hope in this is our love of yourselves . Faith in an object , which can some how spare us in the way of life .This  ever ending peace is this mortal of hope which can strengthen in the time of need and weaken in the burdensome belief .
 Stress reaches for  peace , with hope edging on the brink of extinction . Some one find a way to contact the peace and stress to fulfill the ways of life in an utopic deception realization of enablement of your Philosophy. Your philosophy is not what Plato or Aristotle thought but insead the belief that you have deep inside , the principles you abide by .Life's happiness is a common philosophy of man with its deceptive roots in biblical timeline and everlasting hope of universal biology that self powering healing to turn the space of this existence in a blissful self preservation.
What connects me and you the reader of this article together ,? Is it the amusing miss spelling and the confusing lyrics of this spiritual connection or the ability of me and you to connect on a far deeper level of understanding which is shredded by the belief that seeing is believing . The day you realize that human behavior and the mind are never on the same page is the day you realize that universal thought is a physical connection of a same molecular that stand united with a difference of opinion .
Figure it out , if you can