Peace On Earth Will Never Happen - No Durkness in Your Sight

O Son of Man O Son of God
Your eyes are as a flaming fire ,
My mind goes blind when I inquire 
The mercy that you lay upon me .
You are the Righteous O my God
there is no darkness in your sight ,
Why do you love me o my God ?
A man as wretched as my self 
Its hard to find the truth is far 
I look around and not in sight 
i look to see if their is One 
A wonderful as though att
When will my heart stop hearting 
O Lord my sheild in all the strife
The world is as a pleasant honey 
it looks up on me as to love me 
I know the truth is in thy Word
It's hard to see you now my Lord 
To touch your feet with my own soul 
I reach for you as one for life 
But I am weak with all my might 
And when I fall in to your arms 
I know that you are there to trust 
you are my strength my rock my life
I want you more than life itself 
How long will I see sin and death 
O lord my God in thee I trust 
And do your will is all my Life 
O Lord my God O Lord my God