Unemployed and the Insurance disaster

Unemployed and the Insurance Disaster

While the markets are making a grand Recovery for now , the normal folks are feeling hopeless . The Congress is fast working on a public option that would help some of these people , with their medical bills and to maybe get medical health insurance one day.  American people are feeling  squeezed from every side and , with job loss  and unemployment on the rise , some are giving up all together on finding a job .  It seems like there will never be a change in our way of living , when every dollar you make ends up being taking , the faster you make it the faster the government or the Big Corporation wants to snatch it from you .Its seems like profit comes first before saving lives in this country.
While most people are not seeing a increase in their earnings , the prices are steadily increasing from everything like the medical costs to the  food we buy to the money we pay at the gas stations.  those that have plenty and are satisfied with their earnings are steadily decreasing , even those that are well off are now not far from losing it all in just one moment . While both the Democrats and the Republicans both agree that we need change and that were facing a catastrophe and economic doom if we don't change something  -- soon. The congress is now working on its forth Unemployment Benefits package, but its not fast enough .
Tales of medical debt problems are not just for the poor , but also  the middle class is struggling to make ends meet . Many folks that now loss there job find themselves in a state of shock , when they here that they are no longer covered , and it don't matter how long you had your coverage . 159 million people in the United States got their health insurance last year through employer-sponsored health insurance.14 million people bought insurance through private plans.  ar over 47 million Americans have to live with out . 
Capitalism ,  if your dieing , you need to pay to get batter .  there is no way around that , if you don't pay you die , if you been taking lifesaving medication and you loose your job you loos your medication. Capitalism -- if you don't pay you don't live.
About 95 % pc of  the world gets its medical insurance from the government , and it works fine, they don't have some greedy money hungry cockroaches trying to make money of your sickness . When your on your death back and a insurance  agent  will come in and have you sign away everything you own so that he can make some money . The U.N. has passed the resolution and its law , that if a person is sick, the government is responsible to provide them free life saving medicine if it is available. Sounds crazy to most of us