Westboro Baptist Church picket (WHO HAS THE RIGHT TO PROTEST)

Protest events increase the visibility of the cause.
Protesting can seem irrelevant to the people who are not most directly affected by them.

They invite change.

Protest events demonstrate power.
When large numbers of people take to the streets in protest, politicians and other key decision-makers notice. They don't always act, but they notice.

Protest events promote a sense of solidarity.
when we are divided we can easily be conquered protest gives us a voice ,,

Protest events build activist relationships.
no matter the reason people should have this right
I'v seen many rally s , as you can see ,, from
immigration  ,,woman rights , Race related  ,, war , injustice -inmate killed my cops ,, at a rally were a white cop getting a Madel for killing a black kid , to war Israel terrorist  what ever protesting even the post despicable cause is the right of the people ,, whos to say that Westboro is wrong ,, if they feel like this is the only way to bring the wars and civilian killed TO THE PUBLICS ATTENTION ,,,

how do we know if west bero is even a real church ,, what if they are being payed by Big Corporations to do this so that people could stand behind the supreme court when it pronounces its verdict ,,
we see this all the time a mother with a child killed by a drunk driver,, or a father with a son killed by driver  texting  messaging ,,

what the supreme court is voting on is just amazing to me , never could I imagine the right to public peaceful protest could be at risk in this country
At least Not Yet !